Ruth Walker

She was born in Santiago de Chile, where she studied music. In Spain she completed her studies with Antonio Arias, Román Escalas, and Lluis Caso, and in Cologne, Germany (Hochschuhle für Musik) with Günther Höller.

She gave concerts in Spain, Switzerland and Germany, and did a concert tour along Chile sponsored by Spanish State Department. She participated in the Music Festivals “Música Antigua Antonio de Cabezón” (Burgos), Música Antigua (Vitoria and Logroño), Cultural Spring (Galicia), and played in Royal Coliseum Carlos III, Auditorium Theater (Cuenca) among others. She collaborated with Orquesta de Cámara Española in National Auditorium of Spain, and has been a soloist with Orquesta de Cámara de Madrid and Collegium Musicum Orchestra of Bonn University.

She was invited to participate as professor and performer in the V Century project “AVENTURA 92”, a teaching program on board which followed Colon’s discovery travel, directed to Spanish and Latin American students.


She has recorded for "Extramuros” a film by Miguel Picazo and the period film “El rey pasmado” by Imanol Uribe with music of José Nieto.

She is cofounder of the Early Music specialised ensembles LACHRYMAE and EXTEMPORE, with whom has participated in Clásicos de Verano Festival (Madrid), Invierno en Mallorca Festival (Mallorca), Autumn Festival (Madrid), Music in Easter (Madrid), Chamber Music in Autumn (El Escorial), Christmas Music Festival (Madrid) and played in Town Hall Museum in Madrid, recorded for RNE (National Radio), Royal Coliseum Carlos III (El Escorial), Juan March Foundation, broadcasted and recorded for RNE, among others.